Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Powder

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Available in 3 flavours: Original, Shikuwasa, and Red Tea.

Overall benefits of Brown Sugar Ginger Tea:

Alleviates nausea, improves digestion, lowers blood sugar, reduce muscle pains, fights infections and prevents inflammation


Shikuwasa Brown Sugar Ginger Powder

Shikuwasa is a small citrus fruit native to Okinawa, famed for its excellent anti-oxidant properties and its ability to alleviate exhaustion. The Shikuwasa is also rich in nobiletin, which helps with neuroprotection, cardiovascular protection, prevents diabetes, and strengthens the liver's functions. 

Red Tea Brown Sugar Ginger Powder

Red Tea, or Rooibos Tea, is caffeine-free and is renowned for its rich anti-oxidant properties, its ability to regulate blood sugar, and is immunity-boosting. It is also perfect for those looking to achieve more radiant skin, increase metabolism, and get better sleep.