Uji Matcha Powder Set

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Our Uji Matcha is imported directly from Kyoto, Japan, and is halal certified with the Japan Islamic Trust Halal certification. Made with fine quality and 100% matcha powder, this can be enjoyed on the go with a single sachet, or prepared with a glass of milk as a matcha latte. 

The set comes along with 1x Uji Matcha Powder (20 sachets), 1x chasen, and 1x matcha bowl.

Matcha bowl comes in assorted designs, imported from Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Choose from Regular or Large size to accompany your set.

How to make the perfect matcha latte?

1) Sift matcha powder into matcha bowl

2) Pour hot water until about 1/2 height of regular matcha bowl

3) Whisk with chasen 

4) Pour desired amount of milk and ice, and voila! Your matcha latte is ready :)